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AT THE APPEL ROOM, JUNE 9-10, 7pmET & 9:30pmET
A multicultural celebration of life, freedom, and history
New York, NY (May 12, 2023) – Jazz at Lincoln Center (JALC) closes out their 2022-23
Season with Etienne Charles’ Carnival: The Sound of a People, a high-energy spectacle
blending American jazz with the sights and sounds of Trinidadian Carnival, at the Appel Room
on June 9-June 10 at 7pm & 9:30pm ET.
JALC’s 2022-23 concerts explored the points of intersection that connect jazz – formed from a
confluence of African, American, and European influences after slavery was abolished in the
United States – to a global array of musical cultures. JALC continues to present forward-
thinking musicians, virtuosic practitioners, and ingenious conceptualists from Africa, the
Middle East, East Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America at the House of
Swing to explore jazz as a medium for cultural exchange.
The Anglophone Caribbean is the subject of Carnival: The Sound of a People, by Trinidad-
born, Juilliard-trained trumpet player and composer Etienne Charles. Charles was fascinated
by Jab Molassie (Molasses Devil), the blue-colored, horned, winged, pitchfork-carrying, fire-
breathing carnival characters in Trinidad and Tobago – and the people who become them for
Carnival. He went to the village of Paramin on Carnival Monday, to watch them compete –
only to dive in and start playing the biscuit tin along with them, getting himself splattered with
blue paint. A scholar of Caribbean music and conservator of traditions who also extends the
traditions in everything he does, Charles explains Carnival: “It’s music. It’s dance. It’s
costume. It’s improvisation. It’s history. It’s social commentary, political commentary. It’s all of
that in one word. And the only way to do it in a show is to have as much of it as possible.”
Featuring: Etienne Charles (trumpet, percussion, musical director), Godwin Louis (alto sax),
Alex Wintz (guitar), Axel Tosca Laugart (piano/fender Rhodes), Matt Brewer (bass), Harvel
Nakundi (drums), Kareem Thompson (steelpan/percussion), Andre White
(steelpan/percussion), Tracey Sankar (dancer), Steffano Marcano (dancer) and Abby Charles
Experience the electrifying magic of Etienne Charles’ Carnival: The Sound of a People at Jazz
at Lincoln Center’s Appel Room, located in the heart of New York City at Broadway and 60th
Street. Join us in the Atrium 45 minutes before each performance for a pre-show celebration
featuring specialty cocktails, a lively photobooth, stilt performers, tantalizing Jerk popcorn,
and live music by Adriel Vincent Brown: The Force, featuring Adriel Vincent Brown (drums),
Tyrone Allen (bass), Giveton Gelin (trumpet) and Axel Tosca (piano).
To purchase tickets and for more information, visit jazz.org. A Jazz Live webcast will also be
available. For more information and to tune in to the webcast, visit JazzLive.com.

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