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Lenox Road Baptist Church Celebrates 150th Anniversary with Triple Jubilee


Brooklyn, NY (July 2022 – October 2022)

The Lenox Road Baptist Church (LRBC) is celebrating 150 years of dynamic ministry in the Flatbush community and beyond with a series of “Triple Jubilee,” events and celebrations. The church kicked off the celebration during the Easter Sunday Service, and followed with a lecture series. “History of Flatbush” was led by Shanna Sabio of GrowhouseNYC and the Rev. Dr. Kirkpatrick Cohall presented his original research in “Gentrification: The Impact on Church & Community.”  A Family Fun 5K walk allowed the church to also share an important focus on physical and mental health.

Upcoming Triple Jubilee events for the community include:

  1. • LRBC’s 150 Anniversary Triple Jubilee Concert – July 29th  
  2. • Community Outreach BBQ and Back to School Drive – August 27th  
  3. • Diaspora Sunday – September 4th  
  4. • Renewal Services  – September 26th – 30th  
  5. • Anniversary Service/Celebration & Black Tie Gala – October 2nd 

“Lenox Road Baptist Church celebrates 150 years of mission and ministry to the New York Community, the nation, and the world.  This is a significant milestone for our church, and we are blessed to have been given the mandate to launch another year of ministry,” says the Rev. Dr. Kirkpatrick Cohall, leader of LRBC for the last 26 years,

LRBC’s  History

LRBC started as a prayer meeting in February of 1871, in the Schoonmakers Hall, now 893 Flatbush Avenue with the 1st congregation consisting of 18 adults and 29 children. The Church’s covenant and rules were adopted on April 12, 1872. Since joining the American Baptist Churches, LRBC remains an American Baptist congregation.

On December 23, 1975, the then, 103-year-old landmark was totally destroyed by fire and the church was left with a void in leadership. Within a year, the first black Pastor was called to serve from 1977 to 1993, reflecting the changing demographics of the area.  Since 1996 the Rev Dr. Kirkpatrick Cohall, has led as the 19th Senior Pastor of LRBC.  During his tenure the church has maintained a focus on serving the community through robust programming and events addressing food insecurity, childhood education, health education/access, and arts education and exposure. For more of our history, please visit https://lrbc.net/our-story/

Our Mission Statement: Lenox Road Baptist Church exists to make disciples, followers of Jesus Christ who are committed to one another and are sent to serve the world. We serve locally and globally through outreach ministries and missions’ programs. Over the past 150 years, we have sought to reach people, welcoming them into our fellowship and introducing them to faith in Jesus Christ as well as help them grow in personal discipleship and are sent into ministry and leadership.  

Please join us on this historic journey in a series of events and activities to commemorate Visit https://lrbc.net/  for more information. Contact: LRBC Church Office

718-941-3359 ext. 1.

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