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Optimism as Resistance? An Ode to My Daughters…



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In a world where the ugly tongs of bigotry persist, and deadly indifference reigns supreme, it becomes difficult to be the only one optimistic, one of my daughters asserted sadly. I hastened to respond as she/they represent my hope in goodness and greatness.  Their lights can never dim despite… So, to my daughters:

Still We Must

Rise UP





Sing and Dance

Be A Light

Be THE Light

How do we stay optimistic in a world where we are still deemed less than a human being because we are Black? Where the cops are called to execute legal lynching? Where Black girls’ bodies are objectified for not conforming to the “standards” of tall, skinny and straight? Where our bodies are resistant to an Eurocentric notion of beauty, and, as an act of resistance, defy its indoctrination by showing up flawless with “all our curves and all our edges,” bootylicious and breathtakingly beautiful like Mama Africa? Where our men are criminalized, called thugs and gangsters and must endure the Middle Passage of incarceration instead of being promoted as the brilliant, resilient kings they are, surviving every onslaught of the genocide against them? How do we stay optimistic?

Still We Must

Stand Up

Speak Out



Go High, When They Go Low

Reclaim Our Time

Adjust Our Crowns

And… Hurl Headwraps and Stilettos while spitting “not today colonizer” at the “Isms” Which Threaten to Dull our Shine: racism, sexism, colorism, capitalism …

To My Daughters, continue changing the world with your brilliance and beauty, as queenly aspiration is your birthright.

Like Lamercie

Like Sugar

Like Clover

Like Oprah

Like Michelle

Like Winnie

Like Sojourner

Like Harriet

Like Nina

Like Maya

Like Maxine

Like YOU

Continue to use your privilege to champion change as you teach and inspire, sing and dance. Be so BOLD that others will be inspired by your efforts. Be so BEAUTIFUL that each room you walk in will be illuminated from your mere presence. Be so BADASS that bigots and idiots will be rendered speechless, awestruck by your self-assured Africanness and will challenge their own ignorance and venom and venture on the magical road to cultural competence.

Stay OPTIMISTIC in Your Own Mind’s Wakanda

Because You MUST

As Your OWN Brand of RESISTANCE.



Mommy 2

Photo Credit: http://ibaruclan.com/womens-spring-feminism-nationalism-and-civil-disobedience/

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