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Returning from a summit in France, interim Prime Minister Ariel Henry spoke to reporters at
Toussaint Louverture airport where he promised that the much-expected help from the
international community may just be around the corner. The conference, organized by the French
President Emmanuel Macron was to bring together various countries to create a new global
financial pact. The summit was attended by the Haitian Prime Minister, accompanied by the
Minister of Economic and Finance, Michel Patrick Boisvert last Thursday and Friday. According
to Mr. Henry, there are clear signals of support for the efforts to fight insecurity, especially after
his discussions with Brazilian President Lula. The Brazilian President agrees with the Henry
administration on the urgency of restoring security and the fact that these actions must be
accompanied by investment in projects that seek to combat poverty and misery, currently the lot
of most people on the island. President Lula promised to advocate for Haiti in the countries that
he will visit as well as with international organizations where the voice of Brazil counts. Brazil
would like to help Haiti get out of this mess. PM Henry also had bilateral discussions with other
world Leaders notably African leaders from Senegal, Burundi, Benin and Kenya among others.
These leaders are aware of the complexity of the Haitian situation and have shown their
willingness to help as best they can. Speaking on his discussion with Kenyan leader William
Ruto, Mr. Henry stated he was pleasantly surprised upon meeting a direct and determined man
who had prepared their meeting and is ready to offer support in combating the security problem
in Haiti. Prime Minister Ariel Henry then went on to say that he again asked the UN Secretary
General, Antonio Guterres, for a multinational security force to combat the gangs.
The major theme of the summit was global climate change, a topic that Haiti knows a thing or
two about, given its exposure and vulnerability to the changing climate conditions. PM Henry
says he regrets how crime has taken up all of the attention, absorb all of the energies and leave us
little time to talk about the big issues, which are being discussed in international and regional
forums about the future of our country and our youth. His wish is to so that the country can
submit projects, in order to benefit from these creations of new methods likely to strengthen our
resilience in the face of natural disasters, earthquakes, cyclones, floods and drought.
In other news, Canada has sanctioned Andre Apaid, former leader of the group of 184, a group
those goal was to oppose former president Aristide, and a longtime businessman who once also
close to Jovenel Moïse. In an article that appeared in the Miami Herald, Apaid railed against the
Canadian government’s decision to sanction him as a serious blow to the Haitian economy and
his efforts to help bring jobs and social development to one of the country’s most neglected
regions. Mr. Apaid went on to sate that it is incomprehensible that he would be placed on a list of
sanctioned individuals accused of human rights violations, including sexual violence. He added
that he categorically reject all accusations and suspicions of contributing to the climate of
insecurity and corruption and asked that Canadian authorities verify their sources and facts.
Apaid, is a U.S. citizen who has enjoyed both warm and contentious relations with various
Haitian leaders over the years, and he feels that the Canadian decision may have serious
repercussions on his business dealings, including an ambitious agricultural project he launched in
the Central Plateau region with foreign partners. He further went on to say he’s a dedicated
Haitian American citizen who strongly supports a peaceful resolution to the crises. In order not
to lose their corresponding banking relationships with US and Canadian banks, due to the
sanctions, Haitian banks have begun closing bank accounts and making it difficult for individuals
to do business in the country.

After an impressive display which saw them defeat Qatar in the Gold Cup 2023, the Grenadiers
are getting ready to face Mexico in Phoenix, Arizona. They left their base in Houston to start
training in Phoenix as they await the Mexicans in a duel for a spot in the quarter finals at the
State Farm Stadium on Thursday, June 29, 2023.
Dela Harlley

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