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Press Release : BCAGlobal Announces Honorees and Final Round of Menus at Food and Wine Experience

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Press Release

For Immediate Release 9/03/19

Contact: BCAGlobal 212-643-6570

BCAGlobal Announces Honorees and Final Round of Menus at Food and Wine Experience

NEW YORK, NY: Building a broader platform for diversity in the culinary and hospitality industries is the spirit behind BCAGlobal’s 15th Annual Global Food & Wine Experience that will take place on Friday, September 13th at Guastavinos 409 E. 59th Street in NYC from 7 PM to 10:30 PM.

This year’s 2019 Vision Awards will be presented to Marty Tennant and Brian Martinez.

This important evening is the only event in the country celebrating diversity, using the food and beverage industry as a nexus to bring people together. The realization that the act of sharing and consuming food and beverage has become detached from its traditional cultural contexts has emerged. The purpose is to reconnect food to cultural heritage and the community, through social nourishment in the context of “Enjoying Responsibly”.

Along with International Wines and Spirits, Chefs Presentations Include:

Nadege Fleurimond Catering– instagram.com/Fleurimondcatering/ 
Spicy Garlic Shrimp with Cornmeal and Black Mushroom, Sweet Potato Pudding with Coconut Rum Cream Sauce

Mikey Likes It Ice Cream– mikeylikesiticecream.com
Non-Dairy Tropical Ice Cream in Whole Grain Waffle Cone

Blondies Divine Desserts– blondiesdivinedesserts.com
Blondie’s Signature And Vegan Banana Pudding Cupcakes

Mere Viola Sweet Delights– mereviolas.com
Catfish Poboy Sliders, Almond Croissant Bread Pudding Creole Coquito

Chef Isaiah Maki– instagram.com/thatchefmaki
Katsuobushi Braised Collard Greens with Crispy Tofu and Spicy Scallion Yuzu

Winston Chiu– rethinkfood.nyc
Vermont Pork Head Cheese Rillettes Salad with Pineapple Tumis Vinaigrette

Soloman & Kuff– solomonandkuff.com
Jerked Chicken Steam Bun, Grilled Skinless Sous Vide Chicken in a Fluffy Bun With Escovich

Dennis Williams– southbronx.jobcorps.gov
Wild Caught Jumbo Shrimp Salad with Roasted Asparagus and Wild Mushroom Corn Risotto

Cutter Cartier– cutterskitchen.com
Multi-Grain Quiche with Organic Barbecue Chicken and Caramelized Onions; Organic Turkey Meatballs with Parmesan Crisp and Ricotta and Basil; Cutter’s Quinoa Macaroni w/Tri-Color Peppers and Smoked Organic Turkey w/Molasses Drizzle

Kavon William Langley– instagram.com/chefklangley
Herb Roasted Lamb Loin, Vegan Mac and Cheese, Heirloom Tomato Confit, Baby Lettuces, Natural Lamb Essence

JoAnn Baylor – makemycake.com
Mini Carrot Cake with Caramelized Ginger and Farmers Zucchini and Local Apple Bread Pudding

Lenise Lee-Streeter – lenilenspecialties.com
Organic Apple Mini Tarts, Southern Blueberry Mini Pie, Meyer Lemon Meringue Bites, Sweet Potato Honey Pie

Upcakes and Treats Shop – instagram.com/upcake_cupcakes_and_treats
Lemon Sweet Basil Cupcake, Organic Tequila Mini Cake with Fresh Lime

Sweet Tea Baked Goodies 
Organic Vanilla Cupcakes, Dark Chocolate Cheesecake, Caribbean Almond Bread Pudding

Chef Joel Javier – flipeats.com
Tofu/coconut Ice Cream with Maple Peach Butter, Pinipig (Filipino Puffed Rice) topped with Vanilla Pandan Pearls

Bout That Keto Life – instagram.com/bout_that_keto_life_/
Slow Roasted Duck tossed with Aromatic Cauliflower Rice and Vegetables topped with Macadamia Gremolata.

Chef’s Troy’s Table – cheftroystable.com
Smokey Grilled Jerk Mushroom / Mango Salsa and Ackee Hummus with Homemade Green Plantain Chips

For more information or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities please contact BCAGlobal: [email protected] or call (212) 643–6570. To purchase tickets please visit our website at bcaglobal.org. We sincerely hope that you will participate and support this wonderful event. We thank you in advance for assisting us with continuing our mission to advance diversity within the food service industry.

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