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Black Women DO Workout: Profile of a South Floridian Fitness Trainer



In last week’s article, we discussed some of the reasons why Black women are plagued with disproportionately high incidences or mortality rates from various health conditions such as heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes and more.  Additionally, we discussed how Black women can create “safe spaces” to tackle challenge these physical issues. This week’s article will feature one my safe spaces, my trainer, Twana Hosang.

Meet The Solution:  Twana Hosang

Fig 2. Photo Credit- T. Hosang

On my own personal journey to defy the predispositions and other factors that contribute to Black women’s unhealthiness, I met Twana Hosang.  We were both taking a workout class called “Sexy Maintenance” at a local gym and she stood out as a BEAST: fit and sexy, beautiful and strong. She soon became a trainer herself and I am now one of her clients.  Twana is on a mission to disprove the stereotype that Black women do not work out and in the process, mobilize to challenge some of the health issues that plague Black women and subsequently provide solutions.

Twana’s Story

Fig 3. Before and After.  Photo Credit-T. Hosang

Jamaican born Twana is the founder and CEO of Fit In Studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is a health and fitness coach who seeks to inspire people to take control of their health and fitness.  Ms. Hosang grew up as a “skinny girl,” experiencing insecurities with feeling that she should be bigger as it common with many Caribbean women. Consequently, she wore baggy clothes in her teens to disguise her small frame. However, after having her two children, she started gained weight (fig. 3) and had to strategically challenge this now unfamiliar body. She eventually lost the extra-weight, and has since been “building” her body to reach her ideal sculpted level. She states that it is an ongoing process and requires “consistency, hard work and patience.”   From her own fitness journey and experiences, Twana discovered a passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals (to lose or gain) and guiding them on their fitness journey to a healthier lifestyle. Fit In Studio currently offers group training- indoor and outdoor, private group training, and Personal Training with the goal of motivating and inspiring others to a better and healthier lifestyle. Twana wants to ensure that everyone” fits in and still stands” out while offering top-tiered customer service. Her definition of the importance of fitness is embedded in the belief that “It is a lifestyle change and commitment to a better way of life.”  As a single mother of two girls, she is cognizant of the challenges in juggling the multiple roles that women are charged with and as such offers accommodation, accountability and inspiration to the women she serves.

Ms. Hosang’s clientele coincidentally includes predominantly Black women of all ages and sizes. This could be based on the demographics of the community she operates in, as the location of the business is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, one of the cities with largest Black population in Florida. She aspires to help ALL women achieve their fitness goals regardless of age, size, or shape.   


Ms. Hosang’s ten tips to ensure a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Portion Control: 5 to 6 small “clean “meals throughout the day: Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack (optional)
  2. Physical Activity: 4 to 6 days per week of moderate to vigorous exercises
  3. Drink Water-: Make an effort to drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water daily
  4. Eat Clean: Cut out processed food or limit. Increase vegetables, fruits, grains and lean proteins
  5. Accountability: Get a partner or a group to hold you accountable for the goals you have set
  6. Journal: Write down your goals and strategies.  Keep an account of what and how much you eat, as well as your physical activities and feelings.
  7. New Mindset:  Create a new mindset that embraces hard-work, patience and consistency
  8. Rest:  Include a rest day where there is no vigorous workout to ensure that there is time to for your body to repair and recover from physical exertion Try to get 8-9 hours of sleep every night.
  9. Switch Things up: Change exercise routines and eating plans to reduce boredom.
  10. Cheat Day or Meal: Choose a day to indulge or a meal to that brings you joy

Twana is progressing towards her mission to bring a change to women’s health in South Florida and eventually throughout the world. She has already blazed a trail of success as lives are already being changed.  It is no secret that healthy women create healthy communities, therefore, I dare say that Twana is already championing change in her community. NUFF RESPECT LIONESS!!

For Contact:

Twana Hosang


Ph: (954) 934-6310

Email: [email protected]

IG: @fitinstudio


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